Villandry Sofa in

Villandry Sofa In Veranda's Nov/Dec 2020 Issue

Introducing our new VILLANDRY SOFA. As seen in Veranda's November/December 2020 issue. Designed from our beloved Villandry Bed and Day Bed, the regal Villandry Sofa is part of our new ÉVOLUTION COLLECTION coming early 2021.

Villandry Sofa in Veranda November December 2020
Villandry Sofa in Veranda's Nov/Dec 2020 Issue

Villandry Sofa in Veranda’s Luxury Craftsmanship Issue (November/December 2020)


With its signature fluted posts and hand-carved finials, the Villandry captures the elegance of timeless design while retaining an unmistakable air of modernity. It’s quintessentially French, and an ideal anchor to the Parisian Salon installation in our flagship Southern California showroom in Orange County.

Villandry Sofa

Read more about the Parisian salon and our exciting collaboration with fine architectural moulding experts JP Weaver here: Parisian Salon

If the lustrous 12K white gold finish isn’t alluring enough, the Savoia French Blue velvet upholstery is the perfect powdery hue to keep the sofa feeling airy and regal. It’s a marriage of comfort and couture, right out of the pied-à-terre of our dreams.


As always with Ebanista, craftsmanship is key. The Villandry features eight-way hand tied springs and an extra durable frame of kiln-dried alder. The cushions are soft but supportive at their perfected 25/75 down blend. Best of all, each layer of the process is completed locally by hand, right at home in Southern California.


Villandry Sofa

Divine is in the details. Hand-carved finials give the Villandry its trademark elegance.

In many ways, the Villandry Sofa’s debut in Veranda magazine serves as the perfect precursor to the premiere of our imminent Évolution Collection. It embodies the collection as a whole: high fashion, bold color, modern silhouettes, and elegant finishes and detailing. These pieces share a unique voice, and the Villandry Sofa is the latest pillar of our collection. A creative process two years in the making, the Évolution Collection represents the next and exciting evolution of the Ebanista experience.


Just as the Villandry Sofa does so deftly, pieces in the Évolution Collection balance classic and modern…masculine and feminine…livability and luxury. In a sense, they are the collection’s mission statement, and we’re so pleased that a piece as wonderful as the Villandry is the first ambassador of that message.

“The Villandry Sofa is as chic as it gets. It has what I like to call ‘TRANSFORMATIVE ELEGANCE’. Place it anywhere and watch how it elevates the space from ordinary…to opulent.

- Jessica Pakzad Bennett, Owner
Villandry Sofa

More than a leg to stand on. Every corner of the Villandry exudes as much grace as the next.


89”W x 41”D x 42”H
Hand-carved tuxedo arm sofa.
Fluted posts topped with decorative finials.
Shown in antiqued and distressed 12K white gold finish.
Shown in Savoia French Blue velvet fabric.


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