The Importance of Selecting
Fine Fabrics and Textiles for Home Design

Giorgio Ivory Daphne fabric.

Fabric choice should not be made lightly. Though it may seem like a minor component of your overall interiors, it’s a decision that has a sweeping impact on the ambiance and atmosphere once implemented. And these textiles play a vital role in not only your home’s interior appeal but also in the longevity of your most coveted, everyday items. 

Natural fabrics, like cotton, wool, and silk, serve as elevated options ideal for outfitting any space. But are these well-made, ultra-luxe fine fabrics really worth the investment over their synthetic counterparts? Quality, comfort, sustainability, and safety all point to yes.


Improved Sustainability 

With natural fabrics, sustainability reigns supreme. Cotton, wool, and silk are significantly more sustainable than their synthetic alternatives. While artificial, fiber-based fabrics like polyester, spandex, and rayon are understandably affordable, they are not biodegradable or easily recyclable. Once discarded, these fabrics sit in landfills for decades—if not longer—before beginning to break down.

Natural fibers, conversely, are predisposed to decompose and degrade. Made from plants or animals, they slowly disintegrate over time leaving no harmful particles or chemicals in their wake. Fewer chemicals are also used in their production, minimizing their carbon footprint and offering an all-around more sustainable choice.


Added Comfort

While consideration of style often comes first, comfort should be a close second. Fine fabrics deliver the best balance of both, curating an atmosphere that is equally chic and cozy. Elevated textiles create an effortlessly upscale home—and particularly luxe fabrics like Egyptian cotton, cashmere, linen, and silk are, luckily, versatile textiles that can be endlessly integrated. 

From cashmere throws to silk accent pillows to wool bedding, choosing a diverse selection of fine fabrics results in a space that is both luxurious and exceptionally comfortable. 

The Prado I bed featured with Daphne Cashmere velvet fabric.

The Prado I bed featured with lush Daphne Cashmere velvet fabric.

Increased Durability

Fine fabrics are crafted with a distinct focus on quality. Tighter weaves create denser textiles much more durable than their budget-friendly counterparts. Natural fibers—which comprise elite textiles like silk, linen, and wool—are made up of a cellulose structure. These ultra-strong fibers wear gracefully as they age and, often, outlast synthetics. 

Because of their natural predisposition to durability, fine fabrics enhance the longevity of a home’s most-loved pieces like couches sofas, bedding, and dining chairs. This all-natural endurance ensures minimal pilling and improved stain resistance. The result? A luxurious, long-lasting design you’ll covet for years to come. 


Safer & Healthier 

Synthetic fibers are often haphazardly coated with harsh chemicals, dyes, and additives during manufacturing. In extreme and unfortunate cases, this can lead to itching, rashes, and other reactions when these unimpressive fibers come in contact with the skin. 

Fine fabrics, however, are expertly crafted with all-natural ingredients, ensuring they are not only safe but also supple enough to come into daily contact with skin. Luxurious Merino wool, rich leather, and lightweight bamboo, for example, are organic alternatives fit for furniture and accessories enjoyed often, like blankets, pillows, bedding, or couches. While they deliver a cozy, chic ambiance, natural fibers are also less flammable, making them a safer, more sophisticated selection. 

Ebanista Villandry Sofa.

The elegant Villandry Sofa.

A More Elevated Aesthetic

Beyond their practical perks, fine fabrics also imbue a space with an impressive ambiance impossible to achieve with lesser-quality materials. No matter your preferred fabrication, these exquisite, luscious textiles can be coordinated in a strategic mix of colors, patterns, and weights to infuse any space with drama and dimension. A supple leather sofa, Moroccan wool rug, lush velvet pillows, and beautiful boucle chair, when styled together, create a tactile, textural aesthetic that is inaccessible with synthetics alone. 

Ebanista offers a bespoke collection of furnishings steeped in unparalleled elegance. Hand-crafted in a stunning array of fine fabrics—from mohair to chenille to velvet—each piece is exquisitely customized in the elite textile of your choosing. From sumptuous sofas to plush settees to lavish dining chairs, Ebanista’s exquisitely curated selection allows you to execute your vision to exacting standards and epitomize luxury through only the finest fabrics.  

Explore Ebanista’s unforgettable textiles and request a quote for a custom piece today.



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