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Nobilaire Chest.

An interior is only complete when even the smallest detail has been considered, and intriguing hardware always finishes the story. Pulls, handles, and knobs are how we interact with our casegoods, and as such, their quality should never be compromised. These compelling fixtures are handcrafted to complement each piece. Their distinct shape, finish, and scale amplify the essence of every design and provide the full visual and tactile experience.

Clarence Cabinet.

Clarence Cabinet.

Elevating Form and Function

Truly exceptional hardware is more than just a practical tool to open a cabinet, nightstand or chest. Rather, custom handles and hardware bring artistry and interest into everyday environments. When given as much emphasis as the furniture itself in the creative process, hardware has the power to elevate an entire aesthetic. Intriguing hardware introduces eye-catching shapes ranging from Rococo-style gold finishes to antiqued silver finishes. The imaginative possibilities are endless.

It’s not only about innovative materials and silhouettes. Scale also matters when designing statement-making hardware. Drop-handles and knobs make a dramatic visual impact, whereas sleek t-bar pulls blend to create a cohesive, modern feel. This mindful scaling creates cohesion between the hardware and casegood while showcasing fine craftsmanship.


Embracing Hand-Crafted Quality

From initial sketches to silversmithing, alluring hardware requires many hours of intricate artisanal construction. This meticulous hand finishing allows each piece to possess the natural variation that mass manufacturing lacks. Thus it is this care and craftsmanship that enable casegoods hardware to ascend from purely functional to exceptionally unique. Just like fine jewelry, the quality and workmanship bring inherent allure to each piece.

Saville I Cabinet.

Saville I Cabinet.

Texture, Weight and Feel

Exceptional hardware also completes the experience through considered tactile properties. The finish, shape and size should invite touch and feel substantial in the hand. Warm, gently textured metals like brass and bronze or smoothly polished chrome each bring their own sensory appeal. 

By providing a pleasant physical interface through touch and use, alluring hardware links aesthetic success with daily enjoyment. Their texture, shine, weight and shape elevate mundane actions like opening a door into a multi-sensory artistic moment. This user-centric mentality keeps intriguing design ever inviting.

Villa Lorenzo Chest.

Villa Lorenzo Chest.

The Finishing Touch

Truly great hardware finishes any interior with thoughtful creativity. When incorporated into casegoods as an artistic accent rather than pure utility, pulls, hardware contributes functional beauty, visual impact, and tactile joy. It forges an instant connection through dynamic first sight and memorable first touch that few other furnishings can match. 

From sculptural to sleek, nature-inspired to futuristic, hardware offers a versatile creative medium waiting to be shaped by imagination. So whether incorporating a singular showstopping statement piece or an entire collection, this intriguing finishing touch always radiates a distinct style.


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