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IBB Design’s Karen Brooks reimagines Rococo with a modern spin in Frisco, Texas, proving that this historic interior design style stands the test
of time...and then some.

Of course, a gorgeous home always benefits
from a showcase of Ebanista favorites, all
of which cater perfectly to its breathtaking
blend of classic and au courant.

In this Texas estate, located less than
an hour outside of Dallas, Brooks utilizes
Rococo principles to create an atmosphere
of open, inviting luxury. Simultaneously
complementing the dynamic architecture
and grand piano; the smooth, round
forms embody the elegant romance
of the famed era.

Modern Rococo In Frisco, TX Firenze Chair

“Rococo’s trademark ivory color scheme lifts and lightens throughout, while more contemporary details like black steel windows and authentic zebra hide modernize the overall aesthetic. ”

At the time of Rococo’s conception
in the 1730s, dark, theatrical grandeur
had run its course following Louis XIV’s
historic 72-year reign. By the time of his
passing, the French aristocracy was ready
to, well…lighten up.

As frivolity prevailed, Rococo echoed
the nation’s lighter spirits with airy, entirely
white spaces accented with glimmers of
gold, silver, and polished marble. It was the
best of both worlds: All the opulence of
Versailles; none of the stifling formality.

Frisco Texas Modern Rococo Foyer by Karen Brooks
Modern Rococo - St. Dennis Console And Molise Arm Chair

Against the ivory backdrop, fine details
pop, and the touches that give Rococo
its unique decadence, like gilt mirrors,
sumptuous silks, and sparkling crystals emerge.
One such cornerstone detail, the shell motif,
gracefully echoes in the foyer through the
St. Dennis Console and Molise Arm Chair.

Modern Rococo In Frisco, TX Living Room

“That same harmony is found in the furniture, with our classic Claudine Chair mere steps away from a pair of contemporary Enzo Chairs.”

Traditional pieces like the Palazzo Cocktail Table
and Theodore Ottoman are juxtaposed against
more transitional selections like the Borghese Sofa
and Pierre I Bench.

Modern Rococo In Frisco, TX Luxury Dining Room

“In the dining room, a creamy palette is grounded by the rich walnut of our Luciani Rectangular Dining Table, and the Simone Chairs pop against a more transitional Ebanista Rug.”

However, most eyes are sure to be focused
on the ceiling, where the showstopping
Bardot Two-Tier Chandelier reminds us
that Rococo was royal for a reason.

With help from Gracie wallpaper in
Pewter Shimmer, Brooks added a whisper
of the Chinoiserie flair that helped cement
Rococo as a design staple. The success of
this modern interpretation lies in the
precise balance of then and now.

Few styles are as simultaneously elegant
and exuberant as Rococo, and we’re pleased
to see elements of its resurgence in 2021.
Because just like the French in 1730, we’re
all ready for a little bit of fun.

Feeling inspired? Shop the luxury
handcrafted pieces featured in this
well-designed home below.


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