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Guerlain Cocktail Table.

At first glance, luxury living may seem effortless, but curating a truly elegant living room is an art form. It demands an expert eye to harmonize the flow, decor, and furnishings into a space that exudes lavishness while remaining inviting. Every element must be carefully considered and balanced to achieve a level of sophistication.

Discover our well-tested tips that empower you to transform your living space into a sophisticated, luxury living room fit for both relaxation and entertaining.

Focus on an Effortless Room Design

While part of a luxury atmosphere calls for furniture and decor crafted with the utmost care, a large part of curating a luxury space has more to do with layout. Thoughtfully developing strategic sitting areas, zones for entertaining, and spaces for relaxation allows you to create a multi-purpose living room specially tailored to your lifestyle. 

From posh tufted couches to velvet chaises to elegant accent chairs, ensure that seating is always grouped in at least twos or threes to allow multiple people to settle in for engaging conversation. 

Incorporate Elevated Accents

Elevating a space is all in the details. Adding decorative finishing touches will instantly upgrade your luxury living room to take it from expected to one-of-a-kind. Statement-making light fixtures, like crystal chandeliers, allow you to draw the eye upward, emphasize the room’s height, and add a tasteful air of opulence. A grand, stone fireplace is another striking alternative that serves as the living room’s primary focal point, capturing attention instantly and allowing you to center the rest of your room around this bold design choice.

Artisanal decorative pieces, on the other hand, offer a quieter elegance. Precast stone sculptures and urns,, gilded candlesticks, and artfully crafted decorative panels add to your living room, infusing it with your sensibility to make a memorable impact.

Ebanista’s Bardot Two-Tiered Chandelier.

Ebanista’s Bardot Two-Tiered Chandelier.

Mix Materials for Added Elegance 

While the luxury living rooms of your imagination may be in gilded accents and overflowing with lush velvets, creating a tasteful ambiance actually requires a more refined, expert mix of textures and materials.

Classically coveted materials like marble, velvet, wool, and leather can be mixed and matched across furniture, accents like rugs, and decorative details add layers that offer depth and dimension—the antithesis of one-note interiors. Be sure to also incorporate light, airy fabric alternatives like linen, cotton, and silk to create a well-balanced ambiance. Hints of dark wood, like walnut, also deliver a warm, welcoming touch.

Use Grand Furnishings as a Focal Point

Plush furnishings are the key to luxury living rooms. Tufted sofas and statement cocktail tables offer a chic curation that is both modern and timeless—but not all furniture is created equal. 

Claudine chair.

Claudine chair.

Opting for hand-crafted creations allows you to curate a luxury living room that is not only visually striking but also rich with craftsmanship and quality. While you may be able to achieve a similar aesthetic with mass-produced pieces, there is no substitution for the time, effort, and skill that goes into these bespoke designs—and it undoubtedly makes a marked difference in both the quality, longevity, and the luxury of your living room.

Ebanista’s beautiful furnishings are each artfully hand-crafted by experienced artisans to deliver distinctive creations with unique flair. From sofas and settees to benches and barstools, each piece is not only exceptional furniture for your home but a statement-making work of art.

Explore Ebanista’s full collection that can be customized to suit your exact needs, or shop ready-to-ship designs available now.


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