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BEAU RUBAN luxury statement bed.

Of all the rooms in our home, our bedrooms embody the truest reflection of our personal style. These posh, private respites deserve to be lavishly adorned with gossamer bedding, luscious textiles, and chic finishing touches that instantly transport us to our own version of a sacred oasis.


But harmony between an eclectic array of textures, lighting, and colors requires an expertly honed eye. Look to transform your personal sanctuary by drawing inspiration from distinguished spaces that are redefining what dreams are made of and create the ambiance you covet for your nightly retreat.  


Explore the Villandry Bed.


Choose Gilded & Gorgeous Accents

Design an atmosphere of indulgence with hints of gilded accents. While decorative details like brass hurricanes, metallic lamps, or silver sculptural accents are equally regal and refined, expand your inspiration beyond these tabletop trinkets. Instead, infuse your space with gold-adorned, palatial icons like Versailles or Château de Chambord.


Vintage gilded mirrors, dressers with metallic drawer faces, or antique-inspired side tables imbue your safe haven with a lustrous glow, creating understated elegance worthy of the aristocracy. 

The Nobiliare Chest.

The Nobiliare Chest.

Use Dark & Dreamy Palettes

Creamy tones of white and beige have overtaken interior design of late, making them the heir apparent in all dimensions of decorating. But luckily, the full-color wheel is at your disposal when choosing your palette. Pretty, pastel colors offer an airy and bright appeal, but moodier hues are our preferred method of infusing a space with equal parts modern relevance and timeless appeal. 


These striking jewel tones are a stark contrast to the expected white or cream—but the deep, soothing shades add drama that makes it worth deviating from the expected hues. Burgundy, emerald green, and eggplant all deliver a dynamic backdrop, or if you’re feeling exceptionally daring, consider true black to make the boldest statement. Just be sure to offset these sumptuous shades with light-colored linens, accent chairs, or textiles to complement the darker palette—after all, it’s all about balance. 

The Jacques Stacking Side Table.

The Jacques Stacking Side Table.

Make a Lavish Statement With Lighting

Lavish light fixtures allow you to adjust your ambiance and serve as a decorative detail, making them simultaneously about function and flair. While sleek, modern pendants create a subdued look ideal for minimalists, elegant chandeliers instantly make the space feel more regal and refined. Chandeliers accented with sparkling crystals, wrought-iron sconces adorned with semi-precious rock crystal prisms, or hand-carved, gilded floor lamps all infuse your bedroom with an opulent touch.


Layer Rich Textures & Textiles

Luxury is all in the details. Infusing a space with elegance and splendor requires a delicate blend of plush bedding, polished patterns, and textured textiles to create a dynamic space.


A crisp cotton duvet cover layered with a heavy coverlet not only creates a hotel-quality bed you’ll daydream about but also adds classic charm to your personal retreat. Velvet throw pillows, a fur bench, a wool rug, and linen drapes blend effortlessly for intentional styling that instantly elevates. Consider keeping all of your fabrics in the same color family for a cohesive, monochromatic curation.

The Genevie Bench.

The Genevie Bench.

Curate Handcrafted Furniture 

Bespoke creations make a bedroom that is unmistakably one-of-a-kind. These masterfully crafted pieces infuse any room with understated elegance—but are exceptionally impactful in a bedroom. Beds with an intriguing blend of comfort and couture, dressers with a distinct voice, or classic pieces in unexpected finishes deliver unparalleled polish that is impossible with mass-produced designs. 


Explore the Richelieu Bed.


Bring Your Vision to Life with Ebanista

Ebanista offers a lavish collection of furniture and accessories for the bedroom that brings together visionary design and elite quality. These custom-made pieces—all modern reimaginings of classical styles—can be tailored at will to adjust scale, shape, and proportion to suit your vision. With Ebanista, you can escape the ordinary to curate unmistakably one-of-a-kind bedroom decor. 


Visit Ebanista’s elevated ready-to-ship collection or request a quote for a piece today.



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