Incorporating Color and Texture
in Tasteful Interior Design

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Effortlessly weaving together a tapestry of color and texture in interior design takes an artistic eye. As such, a particularly thoughtful approach is a crucial requirement for developing a high-end yet refined, and glamorous aesthetic. 

Below, we explore how blending rich hues, bespoke accents, and statement paintings instantly transforms a space. Learn how to create a layered, tactile feel that exudes sophistication and indulges you in a multisensory experience. Our most-loved design details will add the desired depth and drama you are seeking.

Develop a Cohesive Color Story

While certain hues undoubtedly evoke elegance and grandeur on their own, colors cannot be chosen randomly. Selecting shades for your upholstery, paint, and furniture pieces in isolation often results in an underwhelming color palette that falls far from the desired elegant outcome. 

Instead, consider finessing your color story collectively. Identifying your chosen wall color, fabrics, and finishes from the outset is a proven strategy that ensures a collection of rich tones that resonate with the intended luxury feel. While dreamy soft palettes invoke feelings of a French pied-à-terre, the bold drama of jewel tones and rich walnut strikes an impressive balance between timeless elegance and the modern flair of high fashion

No matter which approach you prefer, start with the most impactful hue. Then, add monochromatic elements to infuse the space with layers of tone and texture. Incorporate a few choice metallic accents—like gilded furniture pieces with 22K gold detailing—to break up the monotony of your palette. Finally, offset the design with intentional but cohesive contrast—such as bright, colorful dining chairs in neutral spaces or an ornate sofa or settee in airy and modern respites. The result is a balanced, beautiful space that is equally effortless and elegant.

Ebanista’s Bergamo Settee in the Maison de Ville French interior design installation.

Ebanista’s Bergamo Settee in the Maison de Ville French interior design installation.

Layer In Tactile Textures

While a curated color palette serves as the foundation for any space, the layering of textures and textiles transforms any room from ordinary to extraordinary. Understated splendor comes from a striking blend of luxurious layers that can only be accomplished when working with the finest fabrics.

Velvet, fur, and linen textiles should be intentionally mixed to instantly elevate a space. Select pieces with an eye for quality, craftsmanship, and texture to curate a mood that delivers an air of sophistication.

Utilize Rich, Dimensional Finishes

While a cohesive color story and layered textiles are a priority, also carefully consider the finishes of furniture pieces and accents. Wood designs like nightstands, gilded pieces like cocktail tables, and decorative details like table lamps and artwork should serve as a continuation of your cohesive color palette. 

If you’ve opted for a demure French-inspired palette, continue that aesthetic throughout your space with ornate hand-carved furnishings, natural stone accents, and beautiful fabrics like silk and velvet. Dark and bold spaces, on the other hand, call for a more dramatic flair with French polished walnut wood and shining silver or gilded gold—or even cerused charcoal accents. 

Consider also curating a blend of metallic, matte, and lacquered finishes that serve as echoes of your approach to layered and textured textiles. While these details may seem minute, they make all the difference when striving for a space that exudes modern luxury.

Texture-driven interior design in Ebanista’s Chicago showroom at the Merchandise Mart.

Texture-driven interior design in Ebanista’s Chicago showroom at the Merchandise Mart.

Opt for Artful, Handcrafted Furniture

While the aesthetic appeal of certain pieces is what may first capture your attention, looking beyond the design to assess the craftsmanship is a vital step toward achieving elite interiors. Prioritizing quality will not only result in selecting pieces that are more sustainable and will far outlast mass-produced designs, but it also achieves a refined tone. 

Many mass-market pieces have the same few finishes, and they often employ artificial counterparts to natural materials like engineered wood or faux metal. While these pieces may help you achieve your aesthetic vision, they unfortunately do nothing for the luxurious atmosphere of your space.

Bespoke creations, like those handcrafted by Ebanista, instead allow you to determine the proportions, scale, and silhouette of your furniture pieces. This hands-on approach affords you the opportunity to elevate every detail—while also guaranteeing that the piece is of supreme heirloom quality. 

Available in a wide range of textures, finishes, and hues, Ebanista’s bespoke furniture designs offer a rare blend of aesthetics, quality, and craftsmanship. These exclusive pieces are skillfully handcrafted by experienced artisans, offering unparalleled quality that not only transforms your home but imbues it with an awe-inspiring sense of grandeur.

Discover ready-to-ship styles and explore the full collection to transform your home with unmatched color and texture.


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