Dearest clients and friends,

We’re starting a new community campaign and need your help!

With the shelter-in-place order in effect, we’ve had to press pause on many
things we’ve had in the works and were so excited to start sharing with you—
including photography of completed projects, our newly re-designed
showrooms, and all the pieces from our new collection.

So until we can resume our plans, we thought this would be a fun time to
collaborate with you—who better to fill in as our photography and social media
team, than our most beloved clients and friends?

Would you be so kind as to share with us
a few photos of your favorite Ebanista piece in
one of your project or in your homes?

Or your favorite room full of Ebanista?

Tell us a bit about why it’s your favorite and
anything else you’d like to share about how
you use it in your project or home.

On social media, post with the hashtag #EbanistaJoy and tag us
@Ebanista in your post. Or, just email us by clicking the button below
or replying to this email. All photos we receive have a chance to be
featured on Ebanista’s social media.

To get the ball rolling, Melinda and Jessica took this photo of one of their
favorite views at their home. It features a pair of grandly-scaled antique
landscape paintings that they acquired many years ago and that have served as
inspiration to their artists who beautifully recreate them for the collection!

They have been long time favorites of many of their clients over the years.

Grab your iPhone, Leica, Canon, or Nikon, and start sharing the Ebanista joy…

We absolutely cannot wait to see what you send in!

With lots of love,