Ebanista cabinets set the standard for luxury storage of your most cherished keepsakes. Bespoke detailing gives each cabinet unique charm,
and the variation in their form grants them versatility in today’s interiors. Every element is carefully considered, from high-polished finishes to intricate,
hand-carved finials. Together, the cabinets balance exquisite refinement with relaxed sophistication. And as distinct as they may be, they share the same magnetic allure. Local Southern California artisans utilize the durability of alder wood to ensure each cabinet is as lasting as the memories it holds.
22K gold and 12K white gold accents are hand-applied, adding just the right glimmer.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, Ebanista’s timeless china and display cabinets fit both your storage needs and a plethora of design styles.
These elegant homes for your treasures…are consummate treasures all their own.

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Clarence Cabinet

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