Bespoke Rug Program


While our extensive inventory of one-of-a-kind rugs encompasses a range of colors, sizes, and styles, some projects require a more hands-on approach to achieve a unique design vision.

Your Ebanista designer, who works closely with our fine rug director, a longtime expert in the field, will collaborate with you throughout the process of creating the perfect hand-woven rug for your space.

Select a design from any of our rugs noted as “customizable” on our website. Over 100 styles are designated as customizable. Use our search filter feature to see them all at once.

Select the size and shape down to the exacting inch.

Choose your color palette and fibers/content. Utilize our pom boxes to find hues that match your design story then select the best materials for your custom creation. The rug materials must not only coordinate with your design but also must function in the space where the rug is going to be displayed. For instance, a rug made for a quiet bedroom may incorporate the softness of silk whereas one being placed in a high-traffic hallway may desire 100% wool for extra durability.

After the specifics have been designated, we will create a mockup of your custom rug. Once approved, production will begin with the same master weavers who create our one-of-a-kind rugs to bring your vision to life.

“In the tradition of bespoke furnishings from generations past, this hand-crafted process allows us to CUSTOMIZE A RUG while properly articulating the personal expression required for the project…creating an exquisite piece THAT IS UNIQUELY YOURS.”

Jessica Pakzad Bennett



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