Dearest clients and friends,

As week four of shelter-in-place comes to an end, it feels like the
utter shock to our systems has begun to wear off and our collective
subconscious is finally accepting this new normal.

That said, our utmost mission remains:
keep Ebanista healthy and strong by keeping
our people, and our greater design community
of artisans, clients, colleagues, and delivery partners,
where they should be—safe at home.

And while we grieve alongside those whose lives have been personally
affected by the pandemic, and are eternally grateful to those fighting on the
front lines, we recognize what a luxury it is to be able to be “stuck” at home—
especially when our business, and our passion, is the luxury of home.

To keep you updated on how we are operation during our nationwide
shelter-in-place, here are a few, quick notes:

Our territory managers, sales associates, and Corporate Office
teams are all working from home
and are available to answer your
questions and assist you in any way possible.

Our showrooms, Corporate Offices, and warehouse are closed
for the time being.
While we have seen that other home furnishings
companies are keeping their warehouses open in order to facilitate order
shipments, we strongly feel that our team’s safety is more important and have
made the call to pause pick-ups and deliveries, at least for the next two weeks.
We are, however, still shipping in-stock fabric orders, as well as furniture and
fabric samples, as this requires a minimal staff that can safely practice the
appropriate social distancing protocols.

Your orders are safe with us. We are a small family business
that has weathered many a storm, and this one will be no different.
We see strength in our size…small but mighty, resilient and agile.
Pivoting is, and always has been, one of our many strong suits.

Aside from our In-Stock program, our lead times are all paused for
the moment. Our cadre of artisans are working on a case-by-case basis,
however due to the unpredictability of the situation, we will reassess lead times
of all current orders once we have the green light to get back to work.

As we all seem to be living day by day, and week by week, we are looking
to have some FUN at home next week. Stay tuned for more gorgeous and
entertaining Ebanista content that you know and love so well…

Until then, have a wonderful weekend with your families,
enjoy those Zoom gatherings, and above all, stay safe.

Warmest regards,

The Pakzad Family