with Wrought Iron

An ancient material forever on the forefront
of modernity, wrought iron has long endured
as a staple of timeless design. Its name,
translated literally to “worked iron,” harkens
back to a time when the material was sought
for its simultaneous strength and malleability.

Today, that same versatility has given way
to some of our most treasured pieces.

Versailles II Chandelier

Whether it’s asserting steadfast
structure as the Art Nouveau base of the
Lalyre Dining Table or dancing playfully through
the crystals of the Versailles II Chandelier,
wrought iron maintains its elusive duality as
an icon both classic and cutting-edge.

Ardent Side Table
Guerlain Cocktail Table
Leleu Floor Lamp
Yves Cocktail Table
Featured in First Image: Lalyre Table with Genevie Benches