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Two years ago, when we started thinking about our approaching ten year anniversary and planning just how we wanted to be moving forward, we dreamed of designing this new collection and manufacturing here locally in Los Angeles.
What was incredibly important to us was to create a collection filled with impeccable and captivating pieces that would appeal to a designer’s sensibilities today...inspired, usable, well-executed, beautifully detailed, artisan made.

Without a doubt, the collection was driven by all of the things we have loved since we started as designers over thirty years ago. We’ve always been drawn to the classics, but with an eye for unique detail, personality, and intriguing finishes.
Of course, it’s been an exciting journey, working through each piece, detail by detail. With every carving nuance, every layer of finish, every stitch and seam, every little embellishment, every last minute adjustment…the pieces come alive.
We hope you will find inspiration in these pieces and invite you to come experience the beauty of our Collection Ten firsthand.
Fari and Melinda Pakzad 
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